Recovering Cassette Archive Masters

I cleaned up the old Denon DR-M1 cassette recorder. I have started transferring a few of the remaining master cassettes that have survived all these years. The 1st one was a solo piano compilation I did back in 1986 with live performances dating from 1979 -1986. Almost all tracks were performed at The Gnu Deli, Olympia, WA. One improvisation was done on my 25th birthday.

Also today I transferred the last two songs from “Dreams of a Submariner” cassette 1996 release featuring Jeffrey Morgan / Harlan Mark Vale / Pete Leinenon. Morgan and I had a recording session at Arcade Digital with Bruce Whitcomb as engineer on July 12, 1996 for the bulk of the album.  But there were two songs on the cassette release that were from another session.The other session was Pagan Agents recorded live on Sonarchy Radio at Jack Straw Productions, Seattle, WA July 20,1996 by Doug Haire. This power trio was Jeffrey Morgan – Alto Sax, Pete Leinonen – Bass, Harlan Mark Vale – Drums. Blazing hot and not for the timid performances. Whew!


There were a couple of other finds that were noteworthy to me anyway. One was a copy of my TESC Winter 1980 Project in the Electronic Music Studio 1 with the Buchla Modular Synthesizer. That was the session where my first “single” came from; namely, “God God Almighty” which was later released in 1982 on a Palace of Lights (Marc Barreca) release called ‘Regional Zeal / Mouth Music From Olympia’. Can’t wait to hear that again.

Second find was copies of “Harlan Mark Vale Electronic Music Cassettes 1 & 2” from 1986. Seminal Kramtones electronic music compositions from the studio and live performances. 1979 – 1986.

More to come.


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