Updating The Harlan Mark Vale Catalog of Recorded Compositions

I have been working in the studio with a guitar player lately, Robert Wolf.  We have been recording and are considering playing some songs from my back catalog too. I quickly realized that I don’t have a concise song list of recorded compositions. I haven’t really done one since the cassette era. And all of those documents are no longer viable in the modern computer environment.

So over the last few weeks, I have started to make a new spread sheet document that itemizes my compositions by the Date Composed, Song Title,  Album Title the song is from, Album Release Date, Recording Format or Software, Pillars of Light Music Catalog # and Song #. It is not as completely searchable as I would like but it is a start in the right direction.

I have torn apart the studio using my Master CDs Archive, Master Cassettes, Journals, old song and patch lists from live gigs and anything else that has survived from antiquity to piece together my ancient past of recorded history.

This will help me know the different ways in which to address a certain song to bring it into a newer edition of itself. There are big chunks of time where the software that was used to record these songs are long gone. Mac Classic 9.1 environments. Logic 3.7, Pro Tools 4, OSC Metro, Jeremy Sagan’s Dr T/ Beyond. Even though there are stereo audio recordings of these songs, I can not access the original sequences or acoustic, analog or virtual instruments any longer. They will have to be completely recreated.

The same goes for material created on analog tape. Sound-On-Sound reel to reel tape, Stereo Cassettes with mixers or Y chords, Cassette to Cassette “Multi Track” bounces, Cassette 4 Tracks, Stereo Half Track, 2, 4, 8 Track Ampex Machines and 16Track Masters have been used over the years.

The songs that still have viable software platforms the original recording can be opened up and re-purposed. Propellerhead Reason being the most resilient of these.  A platform that I have used since 2005 with version 2.0. So any of those songs can be immediately accessed with the original sequences and instruments.

This list is based upon the CD versions of my albums. This spans from the 1994 ‘From Babylon To India” through “Gazing Into Infinity” 2017. Also included are compilation out takes and unreleased material as well. There are some CD versions of older analog recordings from 1970 – 1993 too.

Here is the document that I have so far:

HMV Master Composition List v2.0 (2017)



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