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The Three Hares Trilogy

The Three Hares Trilogy contains the individual albums of “Sonications”, “Transcribing The Sacred Experience” and “The Orphic Circle” by Harlan Mark Vale. All these compositions were written during 2018 and edited, mixed and mastered through 2019 at Gloria Studio.

The Three Hares is an ancient motif found in various parts of the world. This design features three hares, which are shown chasing each other / running in a circle, and joined together at their three ears.

Some of the earliest depictions of this design can be seen in China on the ceilings of some of the temples in the Mogao Caves (also known as the Mogao Grottoes or the Cave of the Thousand Buddhas) from an estimated 6th century AD.

The Three Hares can be seen in south west medieval England. Within the Christian churches of Devon (1450) they are portrayed in stained glass, wood and tile. Interestingly enough they are sometimes accompanied by the image of The Green Man.

They appear in Iran on serving trays, along the Silk Road as textiles, and in Egypt as metals, glass and ceramic expressions. This important symbol crosses cultures, countrys, time, space and many belief systems.

My interpretation of these Holy Trinity symbols are that they are directly linked somehow to the Ancient Mystery Schools, Anthroposophy (Rudolf Steiner 1861-1925) and the Theosophical Society. In particular, The Orphic Circle (1840-1843) refers to the work of Emma Hardinge Britten (1823-1899) in collaboration with Helena Petrovna Blavatsky (1831-1891). There was a small group young women that had exceptional intuitive gifts and were quite fluent in the “claires” (clairvoyant, clairaudience, clairsentience and claircognizant). These natural gifts of somnambulistic tendencies allowed them a deeper and a more “multi-dimensional” access to their experience into the non-physical realms. It is interesting to me that Britten was also a musician, actress who performed in London, Paris and elsewhere around 1840-1854. The attributes from these wisdom traditions span epochs for an important reason and I think that reason is for everyone of us to re-discover for ourselves, who we truly are.

In plain sight, The Three Hares symbology are a deep reminder of our Divine Inheritance as multi-dimensional beings. Both acknowledging our physical partners and our non-physical partners at the same time in our conscious lives. A wholeness. A Oneness. Connected. Empowered. The embodiment of Love and Unity.

So The Three Hares Trilogy is a depiction of my own explorations into these topics and many more. For example “Sonications” could be representing the conscious atomic mind. “Transcribing The Sacred Experience” expressing the astral body while “The Orphic Circle” is revealing deep archetypes of the etheric body.

These ideas are tools that can be used in daily practice. By using them more and more, they give us confidence and strengthens our innate intuitive ability as we connect with Source. For there is more to reality than just the physical stuff. Just like the universe we are most likely 99.99% “empty” or non physical space as well. Who lives or occupies this massive proportional sector? I feel we all do. All life: crystal, mineral, plant, animal, human, ascended masters, angels, beings, entities all the way up to and including God itself, The All That Is. We are all in this together.

Intuition is the language of creation. It is spoken silently through our hearts as it is aligned to the Truth within Spirit. This informs us, nurtures us, and absolutely supports us in every way. It loves us, gives us all experience and guides us to thrive and up level our consciousness.

By listening with your heart, we are all able to receive the flow of every creativity into manifestation. This download comes as a complete song. An exact painting. The perfect poem. A complete book. A theatrical play. Or it comes as the answer to any question or situation. It may be any directive communication for clarity, insight, action or idea. Impressions can be displayed as subtle abstractions, feelings or emotions. It can be as simple as planning a birthday party or the next footfall. Perhaps an inspiration for humor, software or an architectural design. It is our everyday spirituality. But when a synchronicity event occurs, it confirms the receipt of this vibration back to God.

All of this is reflected back to the “Transcribing The Sacred Experience” and “The Orphic Circle” which are both very intuitive and deep soundscape albums while “Sonications” provides physicality with a joyful soundtrack.

I do not know the full significance of The Three Hares pertaining to world history yet, but I invite you to explore the possibilities within yourself with my music as a resonant guidepost.

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